Google Japan Gets New Design

    March 19, 2008

The Google Japan homepage was redesigned, as some of you are seeing it (and as the Google Japan blog reports). Perhaps this only shows in some locations – I can’t see it yet – but Colin Colehour posted some screenshots in the forum. As far as I can tell the four tabs consist of:

  1. Gmail, YouTube, News, Maps, and Transit (?)
  2. Image search, Notebook (?) Blog search, Books, Google Desktop
  3. Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Toolbar
  4. YouTube (again), Picasa, Blogger, Google Earth

Several of Google’s localized homepages look or behave different to, like auto-completion in China, or an animated hover menu in Korea. Google’s Emmanuel Sauquet in regards to Google Japan’s mobile strategy told BusinessWeek, “Our fundamental strategy is to take ideas from Japan and apply them to other markets.” Wonder if this will be true for Google’s homepage redesign efforts too?