Google Introduces Rapping Santa With 'Santa Search It'


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Sometimes, as a conveyor of news, during your research, you come across things that defy personal description. Sure, others may be able to voice their reactions, but, for some reason, words may fail the person trying to relay the message. However, it is our job to endeavor on, and with that, let us discuss Google's video "Santa Search It!"

While the video actually goes by the title of "Santa's Google Search Tips Rap," the chorus and subsequent Google blog post about the video uses the "Santa Search It!" chant; therefore, I'm going to as well. The description from the Google post explains the video as follows:

Sometimes music makes learning easier. With this in mind, a few of us Googlers decided to make a search tip rap music video to help you, and Saint Nick, navigate the holidays.

Essentially, the video is a web commercial showing the various search engine bells and whistles Google (the actual search engine, not the company) features. Let's say you're Santa Claus and your next delivery stop is for the Japan region. The video shows you how to search to get relevant, local information for your potential destination. There is, of course, a Google Android phone sighting, as well as a Chromebook appearance.

As indicated, a web commercial.

While the content is fine and good -- nothing wrong with self-promotion -- the presentation of said content is what wins the day; or perhaps loses it, depending on your disposition concerning rap parodies. See for yourself:

And this, folks, is where the words begin to fail for at least me, anyway. I appreciate the effort, the way everybody is enjoying themselves and the adoption of the Christmas spirit. The song, however, even considering how silly and innocent its intentions were, is still cringe-worthy. Apparently, however, I am in the minority, because the YouTube reaction appears to be pretty positive:

Daaaimn santa got SWAG
xX1ATS1Xx 12 minutes ago


....:D go santa..!! go google...;) 😀 😀
madhav13vij 37 minutes ago

As well as:

A thousand times better than Apple's Siri commersial
Apronos 45 minutes ago

But there are naysayers, too:

lulzland 13 minutes ago

That last one sums my thinking up pretty succinctly. This next video might help articulate my reaction as well:

All snark aside, you have to give credit to Matt Kane, Google's Content and User Education Specialist, for having the stones to make this video, which, even though the rap doesn't win me over, effectively shows just how robust Google Search has become.