Google Introduces AdWords Business Pages In AU

    June 13, 2007

Compared to much of the rest of the world, the nation of Australia is pretty young – you might say it got off to a late start.  Google’s doing its best to help the country’s inhabitants catch up, however, and in Australia and New Zealand, the search engine company recently introduced AdWords Business Pages in an attempt to get more businesses online.

A brief note: that intro wasn’t an insult.  With all the beautiful scenery in Australia and New Zealand, I know I wouldn’t want to spend my days sitting in front of a computer.  Furthermore, some Australian-made products (including, strangely enough, several Ford cars) are far superior to their American counterparts.

But enough of being PC – the real story relates to Google’s new product launch.  “An AdWords Business Page is a small, free web page that you can create for your business when you sign up for an Adwords Starter Edition account,” explains Ali Rush, an AdWords Associate, on the Official Google Australia Blog.

“You can create a business page to help potential customers learn about your products and services,” Rush continues, writing, “AdWords Business Pages are quick and easy – no knowledge of HTML or programming is required.  You control your own business pages, and can edit the information on your page at any time through your AdWords account.”

This may be old news to our American readers (Rush notes how popular AdWords Business Pages have been in the U.S.), but it’s been my pleasure to help inform any interested Aussies.  Perhaps, in return, they can do something about bringing the Ford Falcon XR8 to America.