Google India Launches Sharing Through Noticeboards

    March 11, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google India has introduced a Firefox extension in Google Labs called Google Noticeboard, which is designed to help people access and share info over the Internet via public digital noticeboards.

The application is aimed at communities with access to shared computers. They can use the noticeboards to exchange messages related to community announcements, social interactions, etc.

Messages on noticeboards are publicly accessible. They can consist of text, or can be voice-based.

Google Noticeboards

"The Noticeboard may also be used for the community to engage in a dialog with benefactors, public servants, and other service providers who are geographically distant," Google explains. "For example, residents of an apartment complex can use the Noticeboard for posting announcements, or NGOs who own and operate computer centers in several villages can use the Noticeboard to enable village residents to communicate amongst themselves."

Once the Firefox extension is installed, it allows community members on shared computers to exchange information over the Internet without an intermediary, Google says. Each community noticeboard is associated with a specific email address and contact list. More info here (pdf).