Google Indexes New Blogs With Few Delays

Blogspot, WordPress users probably in the clear

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Owners of new Blogspot or WordPress sites may worry that Google won’t index them.  And we can’t guarantee that Google will do so quickly, or even that the search giant will do so at all.  There’s a fair amount of evidence suggesting that things will be taken care of sooner rather than later, however.

We’ll start with the slightly disquieting stuff.  On the WebmasterWorld forum, "dhirajch" writes, "I think it is not always.  but yes definetly much more faster than any website."Google Indexes New Blogs With Few Delays

The other less-than-assuring piece of information comes from Ted Ulle, who states, "Without any external links, google is not likely to index any site, whether it’s a blog or not.  They’re definitely not likely to keep in the index for very long even, if they do discover the url somehow."

But people like "IncrediBILL" and Tamar Weinberg, along with at several others, have said there’s little to worry about.  Several examples were given in which Blogspot or WordPress sites showed up in Google’s search results either quickly or without any effort on the author’s part.

In the end, maybe it’s best to toss a few outside links into a piece to make sure.  Also, all the other usual SEO tips are liable to help, as well.  But it seems like no special actions are necessary (and no anxiety is in order) when trying to get a new blog indexed by Google.

Google Indexes New Blogs With Few Delays
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  • http://www.marketappeal.co.uk/blog/ Anthony Sharot

    The rapid indexing of pages in site such as WordPress, Blogspot and others can also be used to help get your own website into Google quickly.

    Detailed instructions can be found on my SEO blog here.

    Anthony Sharot

  • http://www.japaneconomynews.com Ken

    Just put it in your Google webmaster tools. I get new WordPress blogs indexed within hours.

    • http://www.sterlingandpearls.com Juls



      Put it In the index? Not sure what you mean


      Thanks very much


  • http://search-matters.com Jim

    My posts are indexed in hours too, but I assume Doug is talking about WP hosted blogs having trouble being indexed?

  • http://www.greekvillasforsale.co.uk greeksteve

    My site ‘http://greekvillasforsale.co.uk’ was first on yahoo search page for

    greek villas for sale – but has totally dissapeard – any ideas as to why this may have occured?

    many thanks,


  • http://www.pilatesplusla.com pilatesplusla

    I’m not so sure about blogs, but I can say that google has indexed our site and any monthly changes quickly. And any content changes seem to be added within a couple of weeks. I can’t say the same about MSN or Yahoo. I’ve checked the statistics and Yahoo Slurp robot checks our site frequently, but we hardly get any hits from Yahoo. Our referrer is primarily from google.

    • http://releasenotes.org Alex

      And blogs and common sites are indexing fast as before.

      • http://www.hiddenobjectgames.us Hidden object

        Index – yes, serp – NO

  • http://getinternationalclients.com Richard

    I pay attention to google display times and I know that my blog entries apear iin hours. I have also seen questions appear on the answers.yahoo site almost right away.

  • http://www.totalknockoutinc.com BUTTER

    atthis moment — i am getting crawlws very fast ..     there  mightbe   chances–  but at this moment its smoothsailing

  • http://www.maltshovel.blogspot.com Rob Pine

    I agree – very quick indexing done in hours

  • http://www.keyphrasesearchmarketing.com amelia

    if this will happen, bloggers who markets using there blog will be upset when they heard this.

  • http://www.seo-strategies.org seo

    it is old news i have experinced it google first visits a website then after having details go back and after some days come back and index its main page and thereafter indexes the other pages lately

  • http://www.medlawplus.com Joe

    It’s reasonable to assume Google gives preference to its own properties.  I expressly use blogspot for creating new blogs relating to business web sites.  No hard data but these sites appear to get index quicker by google and google counts in links to these sites quicker … which means the outlinks from the blogspot sites have value quicker.

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  • http://www.efven.com SiriO

    I have had no problems getting indexed with my wordpress. it takes inbetween 10 minutes to a couple of days.

  • http://denimfashionista.se/killklader-klader-for-killar/ LekerMode

    Google index and serps are not the same. You can get indxed but still not showin up in the serps.

  • http://www.bahousecleaning.com/blog Anita

    I’ve had my blog up for a few days now and still no idex. My web pages usually get indexed in a day but for some reason the blog has been taking much longer.

    I am posting comments with dofollow links and all but nothing is happening.

    Holding my fingers crossed!

  • http://diabetesgroup.blogspot.com/ Diabetesgroup

    My blogspot has not index by Goolge.I do not know why?Can someone tell me.Thank YOU very much . Are there some problems in my blog?http://diabetesgroup.blogspot.com

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