Google In Talks With BEA Systems

    October 13, 2006

BEA Systems, a self-declared “world leader in enterprise infrastructure software,” is in talks with another company about “partnering on a new initiative.”

That wouldn’t sound at all remarkable, except that the other company is Google. Together, it and BEA would “create mashups between enterprise portals and applications such as Google Maps.”

Upon digging deeper into the BEA site, it becomes obvious that the company has its foot in some pretty important doors. Intel, HP, and Siebel are counted among its “strategic partners.” “Premier partners” include Fujitsu Services Limited, the Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Symantec. Not bad at all.

And now there’s the news of BEA’s talks with Google.

Andy McCue covered the story in an article that appeared on CNET, and wrote, “As part of the partnership, BEA will get access to some of Google’s hidden application programming interfaces (APIs), which will allow developers to create mashups using a new technology feature in BEA’s WebLogic Portal, called Adrenaline.”

McCue also quoted Skip Sauls, the senior product manager for WebLogic Portal at BEA.

Sauls described Adrenaline, saying, “It allows you to take those applications and expose them to a Web 2.0 front end but still manage them within the portal environment. It runs on the WebLogic Portal server, so you still have access to all the freedoms, personalization and security, but you can render in a different fashion.”

The Download Squad’s Chris Gilmer seemed optimistic about the possible partnership.

“Google mashups are hot stuff, and many people are taking advantage of the Google Maps API to create map masterpieces that either showcase their interests, or show us where their business locations are,” he noted. Of course, “there have been no outcomes reported yet” regarding this particular effort.

BEA seems to be a pretty interesting company, though, even if rather few people have heard of it, and Google almost always has something up its sleeve.

Hopefully a collaboration between the two, if it happens, will be fruitful.


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