Google Improves Its Flight-Tracking Abilities

    December 19, 2007

Google’s got a pretty good sense of timing; even as holiday vacations are kicking in all over the country, the search giant has improved its ability to check flights’ statuses.

Google Flight-Tracking

Previous protocols involved shuffling users off to Expedia or Travelocity.  Now, everything takes place right on  "For the latest information on a flight’s status, simply search for an airline and flight number, and the first result will tell you whether your flight is on time or delayed as well as the estimated departure and arrival times," writes Nick Weininger on the Official Google Blog.

Google’s likely to be no less accurate than the airlines themselves, and any difference in reliability ("all lines are busy at this time") is actually apt to tip in the Mountain View-based company’s favor. 

The feature is one of those seemingly considerate things that have earned Google so much goodwill in the past.  Following the disclosure of certain facts about GOOG-411, there may be a little less happiness floating around, but it’s hard to see the harm in letting Google know that you’re flying to Vermont.

Whatever the case, here’s wishing safe travels to all our readers.