Google Improves AdSense Competitive Ad Filter

    September 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

In August, Google announced that it was upgrading its category filtering feature for AdSense, and extending the feature into more countries (like the US and the UK). Today, Google announced that they have added two additional improvements to the Competitive Ad Filter.

These improvements would be faster filtering and increased filter size.

"In the past, the Competitive Ad Filter sometimes took up to several hours to block URLs you’d entered," says Arlene Lee of Google’s Inside AdSense Team. "Knowing you’ve wanted a faster filtering system, we’re excited to let you know that URLs added to your Competitive Ad Filter are now usually blocked within 30 minutes. We hope that this will help you quickly make changes to maintain a positive user experience on your sites."

Competitive Ad Filter

Users have complained that they have been running out of space in their Competitive Ad filter, so Google has addressed this issue. Users can now add up to 500 sites to their filter list. That is more than twice what was previously allowed.

"As you add new sites, please continue to keep the possible revenue impact of filtering in mind," says Lee. "You might also find it helpful to review our tips for using your Competitive Ad Filter."

Google will remain open to feedback with regards to the Competitive Ad Filter, so if you have further concerns, be sure to voice them. Today’s announcement shows that they do listen.