Google Image Search Adds New Features

    April 8, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has been working on a couple of new features for Google Image Search. The first one is the addition of suggestions for Google Image Search, which is basically just Google Suggest for the image search engine.

Image Search Suggestions on Google Image Search

Interestingly, as Barry Schwartz points out, the image search suggestions are not always the same as the web search suggestions. About a week ago Google took search suggestions global.

The second new image search feature is the addition of a color filter. You know the drop down menus on the image results pages that allow you to select the image sizes and type of images (clip art, photos, faces, etc.)? There will now be one that allows you to select a color.

The example Google gives is searching for a green sea anemone, and then a red one:

Why you couldn’t just search for "green sea anemone" or "red sea anemone" is beyond me, but it’s just another way to easily select the type of results you’re after.

I am personally not seeing the feature yet, but Google says it is being rolled out, so it shouldn’t be long. Look for the drop-down box in the blue bar on the image search results pages.