Google Hints At New Service Via WSJ

By: WebProNews Staff - June 23, 2008

Internet usage reporting may be the next free thing from Google, a service that would put them in competition with companies that charge a hefty premium for such information.

It looks like the little birds who chirp from Google to big mainstream sites like the Wall Street Journal have been singing again. This time they are hinting at something new from Google, aimed at the Internet usage metrics market.

Google may reveal a comScore and Nielsen killer tomorrow, the Journal said. Rather than the panel and survey approach such companies use to help determine Internet usage, Google would pull that data straight from what it mines online today.

“The new tool is intended to help advertisers find the best places to buy online ads by showing them the Web sites where their target audiences visit,” the Journal said. This would explain why Google’s partner, Publicis Group, reacted to news of Google’s ad deal with Yahoo with joy rather than trepidation.

To offer a real value proposition, Google has to position such a service as being superior to what advertisers receive from rival services today. Considering Google’s technical acumen, if such an announcement comes on Tuesday, competitors could be in for an unpleasant time.

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  • Bryan Fikes

    I have been pricing out some of these retail services for the past month.  If google offers it for free, what could the harm be?  Oh yea, world domination…Sounds like an interesting Radio Advertising query…

  • Martyn E-commerce

    In my opinion this is great news, something like this is going to benifit so many businesses and customers. Providing a service like that will definatly help my online marketing.

  • find articles

    Great stuff, looking forward to seeing whats next in the line of improvements