Google Health Ads Blog Backs Off Sicko

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A Google blogger posted a pro-healthcare industry item that criticized filmmaker Michael Moore’s new film, while suggesting Google ads as a way to counter negative publicity.

Google Health Ads Blog Backs Off Sicko
Google Health Ads Blog Backs Off Sicko

Upon first seeing this item appear on the Google Health Advertising blog over the weekend, I thought Google’s blogs had been hacked. It has happened before, and considering the crass, cynical content, it’s a bit of a shock coming from the “don’t do evil” search advertising company.

Here’s an excerpt of the post by Lauren Turner, listed as an account planner for Google health ads:


Google Health Ads Blog Backs Off Sicko
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  • http://www.simonstamp.com Simon Peter Alciere

    It’s not “evil” to blog your opinion about a controversial movie. And if you want to sell ads, you have to talk to your customers in a respectful way, understanding the advertising message they might want to put forth. Did you think that media outlets sell ads by treating paying cutomers like jerks?

    • http://LymeBlog.com MacMcd

      Most journalist are faced with offers from various industry interests to receive gifts or other compensation to write articles, or blogs which show that industry in a favorable light and we all know that Google advertising is available to whoever is able to pay for it.

      I agree it is not “evil” to blog ones own opinion but as a journalist and editor of a health related news website I find it really interesting that Turner is so blatant about letting the world know that her opinion is for sale to the highest bidder.

      She knows where the money is and does not even suggest that a few million individuals who have suffered because of the state of the health care industry in this country buy advertising on Google to present their side of the story.

      Instead she uses the innuendo contained in the exact wording of major health care companies like:

      “News reporters may focus on Pharma

      • Dave

        If the lady’s pitch for Google advertising was so blatant then why didn’t you include that in the excerpt. I think you just don’t like her opinion therefore you insinuate she is a whore. Thank God we have Big pharmaceutical that stands ready to cure the world’s diseases. More power to Turner for counterbalancing the yellow journalism coming from Moore and his ilk.

  • http://www.texasimpressions.com Richard D Parker

    It seems that Google is Rubber Stamping the message of Michael Moore. Maybe not.

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