Google Has Competition Beat On Punctuation Queries

Chris CrumSearch

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Google is apparently doing more punctuation indexing these days than it has in the past.

Honestly, I can't recall ever searching for just a "." or just a "!" or other punctuation marks, but evidently Google historically has not provided results for them. Now they do, as Alex Chitu at Google Operating System points out.

Here's a search for ".":

Google search for period

Here's one for "!":

Google exclamation

And one for ",":

Google comma

Bing does not return results for any of these.

Bing period

Neither does Yahoo. Neither does Blekko. Neither does Facebook.

Other punctuation/symbols Google is showing results for include: :,;,#, %,@, ^, ), ~,|, ", <, and $.

Chris Crum
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