Google Handles Local Searches Differently Than Before

    May 18, 2009
    Chris Crum

WebProNews recently spoke with Search Engine Land Assignment Editor, and Blogger Matt McGee about local search and its impact on business owners. The local search game has changed over the years, and even more so within the last couple months. Do you think a Google search is the most important place to be found in local search? Share your thoughts.

In the clip above, McGee discusses how Google itself has changed how it handles local search results, and how the way people search in general has changed. "I think searcher behavior is starting to change….The places we go to look for information are different, and the way we go about finding information is different."

McGee says that while being found in places like:

– Google Maps
– Yahoo CitySearch
– Yelp

…are still important, most people just go to the main search engines when they’re looking for local results. Where is the first place you turn when looking for local businesses? Comment.