Google Grows Market Share In May

    June 18, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

MSN/Live made a respectable showing in the US search market too, driven by its Club Live service, and managed a year over year increase.

As it always is, Google topped a measurement of search engine market share. This time the numbers comes from Compete and its regular blogging about monthly search numbers.

Looking at May 2008 and bundling in Microsoft’s Club Live traffic for comparison, Google picked up 71.5 percent of the US search market in May 2008. Yahoo earned 13.3 percent, a drop from Compete’s April measure of 13.8 percent.

MSN/Live handled 10.6 percent in May. Although that represented a dropoff in traffic from April, it also meant a year over year gain from May 2007’s 8.1 percent. Out of the top five US search engines, Microsoft and Google were the only year over year gainers.

Compete’s Jeremy Crane wondered when Google would hit the 75 percent mark in search market share. Google enjoyed solid gains in search volume. We’re going to suggest Google hits that three-quarter mark in September, once students are back in school and performing lots of homework-helping queries each day.