Google Grabs 90% Of The French

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We’ve balked at France’s attempts to shortcut Google in the past, down right made fun of them for it. But the latest search share numbers in the Land of Baguettes and Snarls (gimme a break, had to get at least one in there) show that Google is near to surpassing the 90 percent threshold.

Remember the railings against "omnigooglization" in Europe, heavily peppered with anti-Anglo sentiments? Remember how we laughed? Silly Frenchmen, we said.

Remember also the inept attempt to develop a Francophilic Google competitor?

Well, from a competition standpoint, we may owe them a heartfelt Je suis désolé. That doesn’t mean "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" wasn’t funny, only that we may not have foreseen a Microsoft-reminiscent dominance approaching.

French metrics company XitiMonitor released it’s "search engine barometer" to show that Google’s share of the market in July reached 89.79 percent, leaving about 3 percent for Yahoo, 2.5 percent for MSN, and nearly two percent each for a pair of search engines you may have never heard of: Orange and Free.

And don’t bother asking about Ask.com. Nobody in Frogland is.

Google’s dominance isn’t really a recent phenomenon there, either. Over the past year, Google’s share has risen by just four points, not the forty or so you might expect if you follow US numbers.

Yahoo declined by 1.5 points over the same period, and is close to being overtaken by MSN, which managed a 7.7 percent increase.

"After Google and its ‘close’ competitors, it suffices to say that there remains little place for other search engines: from the 5th place (Free), the visit share is lower than 1 point, and from the 10th (Ask), it descends under the 0.1 point threshold," reads the release at XiTiMonitor.

And for all the cheap shots above, Je fais des excuses, mes amis francais; aucun sang, aucun mal.

Google Grabs 90% Of The French
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  • http://www.accuracast.com Farhad

    What is this post all about? Are you trying to make a point about Google or just cram as many racist slurs as you possibly can into one webpage?

    I’m not French and am not a fan of the people either, but doesn’t mean i’d rant, rave and use derogatory slang on a professional forum / news site!

    • Jason Lee Miller

      Racism is a belief that one race is superior than the other and that the other should be supressed. I’ve made no advocacy of the sort.

      If you want to know, there is French in my ancestry, but that is unimportant as French is not a race, but a culture or geography.

      The article was about Google dominating in France, and was also a tongue-in-cheek reexamination of past derision of actually just a few French viewpoints.

      It was a mea culpa with jokes, and perhaps the subtlety in my apologies were lost…of course, I did make my apologies in French, so you may have missed them.

      I have nothing against the French personally as I haven’t met many of them, and I was just having some fun at their expense. But it’s not racist, not even culturalist, really. More of a roast than a rant and some need to lighten up.

      Google taking 90 percent of any market is an eye-opener, and I used that eye-opener to back track (a little) on previous misgivings.

      Sorry you missed the nuances there.

      • http://www.accuracast.com Farhad

        Call it what you want, it was a definite rant against a group of people, with less reportage and more unneccessary unprofessional attitude.

        Far as I know, Web Pro News is not a political / cultural satire blog, so I would have thought it best to steer clear of controversy.

        Slandering Bush, Americans and the Iraq war could soon become part of this laugh-along post, and I’m sure not many of you would find it very funny then.

  • J. Buchler

    I feel sorry for you, Jason.

    Jerome, Paris, Fr.

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