Google Begins “Next Chapter” in Search Advertising

Google Makes Paid Search as Blended As Organic

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Update: Google says its new ad formats are "the next chapter in search advertising", and its "AdWords New Ad Formats Initiative" will focus on two themes:

  • Ad extensions offer you the ability to enhance your existing text ads with additional relevant information. Some examples of ad extensions include Ad Sitelinks which allow you to provide additional links pointing to specific information on your site and Product Extensions which allow you to show images and prices of relevant products from your Google Merchant Center account. By putting the most salient information directly wiithin the ad, ad extensions are designed to help users more quickly and easily find the products and services they seek on Google.

  • New ad models are formats that offer better solutions to more complicated queries. For example, Comparison Ads enable users to specify the exact product or service they’re looking for and compare multiple offers in a single location. New ad models also offer advertisers new pricing models, like cost per action for Product Listing Ads. Our new ad models are designed to make it easier for users to find exactly what they want and for you to reach more users with better information.

Original Article: Google is now offering some new formats for search ads. They have already been testing them in the U.S., so there is a chance you have already seen some of them if you live here.

Some of them include videos. Some include maps. Some include multiple links for different landing pages. Some of the new ads include product images with corresponding links and prices. Some actually offer comparison shopping functionality.

Take a look at some examples:

New Google Ads

New Google Ads

New Google Ads

New Google Ads

New Google Ads

New Google Ads

"At Google, we’re committed to giving you the information you want — regardless of the form in which it might appear," says Google VP, Product Management Susan Wojcicki. "Text is often useful, but sometimes videos and pictures are a more effective way to receive information. For example, if you want to learn a magic trick, a video showing you how to perform the trick is likely the best result. So over the past few years, we’ve blended videos, images, maps and more into the search results on Google.com."

Using that logic, Google figured its search ads should fit a similar mold. The company says that while it is experimenting with new formats, they will "remain loyal" to their core principal, which is, "getting the right ad to the right person at the right time."

Google says you will probably see even more formats appear with search results in the future. This will occur until they figure out which ones are most useful, relevant, and engaging. Expect a lot of new things.

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Google Begins “Next Chapter” in Search Advertising
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  • http://www.batterycentury.com batterycentury

    Google wants more ads income, but this may impact people’s search experience.

  • http://www.yourlightsite.com Lightlady

    I have been working on my site for over 2 years. I have followed all the suggestions and was ranking pretty well on Google for a lot of my keywords and kw pharses. Recently I see a big change in the way sites are being indexed in Google. A sit like mine that is full of keywords and content on a sybject now finds itself coming up behind brand new sites and other sites with almost nothing to do with the subject or keyword being searched. I thought I had been paying my dues for the last 2 years and would be considered more relevant the longer I am up. Of course I add new content and products almost dailey. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on and how do I compete with all the comparison sites and other junk that has made its way between me and a good ranking? Why do these seemingly irrevelant sites and obvious link farms get ranked so high all of a sudden?

  • http://codehill.com Amgad

    That will be interesting to see when its available in my region. I hope it doesn’t slow down the search results page.

  • http://www.colonirrigation.org Colon Irrigation

    I think that eventually google will take over and start sellings its own products.

  • http://hotelamenity.onclickgroup.com ????????????

    Do not interfere an organic search.

  • http://www.studentdebtsrelief.com dan

    I agree its frusterating to have a good quality site that you have to compete with sites that are garbage, but rank high because they have loads of links from link farms. The thing to remember is high rankings doesnt guarantee readership or sales.

    Many of these sites that rank for as many keywords as possible, may have the ranking, but they dont get sales. My point is that your site just needs to at least be one of the highest ranking sites that is a good quality site.

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