Google Getting Lots Of Money From Obama Campaign

Year-to-date: almost $3 million and counting

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Google’s employees have a reputation for being left-leaning, but it seems they should be Barack Obama fans regardless of politics.  According to a new report, the presidential hopeful spent around $2.85 million on ads with the company in the early part of this year.

"Obama’s campaign spent at least $3.47 million on online advertising related purchases between January and April," reports Kate Kaye, with about 82 percent of that total going to Google.  And the unfinished-looking nature of the campaign’s April filing with the Federal Election Commission could indicate even more money’s been sent Google’s way.

 Obama Google
 Obama Favors Google’s Ads

Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook got cash, as well, although in much smaller quantities.  Lesser-known companies like Broadband Enterprises, Pulse360, and Quigo also received Obama’s business.

On the whole, this seems like a fairly standard advertising campaign.  It’s significant that Obama and his campaign managers "got" the standard approach, however, and the stakes and amount of cash involved are obviously higher than usual.

Meanwhile, a Washington Post article noted just yesterday that YouTube users can donate directly to the Obama campaign with Google Checkout.  The YouTube pages of Hillary Clinton and John McCain don’t yet provide that option.

Google Getting Lots Of Money From Obama Campaign
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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1djbNnmRstQ Affiliate Marketing Guide

    Obama and Google became business partners!


    Welcome to the 21st century, the century of business:-)

    • coonass

      Google will deliver any message they’re paid to deliver.  When Obama’s suits run out of money (as they will sometime before November this year), then they will be back where they started – with a candidate who won’t convince most of the people that he’s not a crook.

      The people who brought you the foreclosure crisis are solidly behind Obama.  Eventually the word will reach fifty percent of the electorate, plus one.  No amount of Google ads can fight that, any more than they can convince most American men that a pill will give them an extra three inches below the belt. 

      You can only do so much with hype before it backfires on you.

  • JESS Kalinowsky

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama is trying to buy the election.  Although he is NOT qualified to be President, or Comander in Chief,  having never  served in the military.  A Junior Senator, is trying to buy the Presidency.  Ultra left wing America, having severe "guilt" over the history of blacks in America are giving him money. Blacks want a ‘brutha’ in the White  House. 

    Can we even consider Michelle Obama, who wrote her college thesis on how much she hates America, repesent us as First Lady???? YIKES!!!

    Michelle is the most unhappy multimillionaire in America.

    But of course this whole discourse may be moot, it is a long time before the Democratic Convention in Denver.  It is a long time before the General Election in November.

    As we know from history, "things" happen that change the course of history

    The race for President is NOT OVER until November.

    Personally, if Sen. HILLARY CLINTON does not pull the rabbit out of the hat at the Democratic Convention, I hope she runs as an Independent.

    That would make a four person race in November. 





    LOVE THAT!!! 



    • chinno

      obama is good for next american president nobody is ready for mc cain we re tired of war and stop being recist

  • Tammy Elaine

    Apathetic and ignorant Americans will wake up one day to realize that they have elected the enemy to the highest office in the land if he wins.

    A man who refuses to say the "Pledge of Allegience"

    A man who turns his back on the US Flag

    A man who is a radical muslim

    A man who’s father was a radical muslim

    A man who’s  mother who admittedly hates the US

    All you "brothas" out there who support this man just to have a black president need to wake up and realize that this man isn’t your "brotha"!

    He is the enemy!

    I cannot believe that this is even happening in my country and am saddened deeply by it.  After being under constant attack by radical muslims for years, now they want to elect one president.

    I fear we are the designers of our own downfall because…

    …This man is the enemy!


    • Guest

      He doesn’t refuse to say the "Pledge of Allegience". I’m certain he’s said it  thousand of times.

      He doesn’t turn his back on the U.S. flag.

      Not only is he not a radical Muslim, he’s not a Muslim at all.  Don’t you watch the news?  (probably Fox)  He just quit the Christian Church to which he belonged for decades, because the former pastor there was a bit of a radical CHRISTIAN! (yes, they have those, too!)

      You probably believe we invaded Iraq because they had WMDs.  You probably believe that the people for whom you’ve voted in the last eight years have nothing to do with $4.00 per gallon gas.

      It never fails to amaze me how easily so many people can actually be manipulated to vote against their best interests.

      You’re repeating falsehoods propagated by the people that are the biggest threat to your freedom.  They are the privateers and profiteers that have been stealing from the U.S. treasury for seven years.

      They are so afraid that they will lose control of the country and all its riches, that there is no limit to the ridiculous lies that they will tell about their opponents.  You’re a tool for them.


      • VoiceofReason

        <<<You probably believe we invaded Iraq because they had WMDs.  You probably believe that the people for whom you’ve voted in the last eight years have nothing to do with $4.00 per gallon gas.

        It never fails to amaze me how easily so many people can actually be manipulated to vote against their best interests.

        You’re repeating falsehoods propagated by the people that are the biggest threat to your freedom.  They are the privateers and profiteers that have been stealing from the U.S. treasury for seven years.>>>

        OK let’s take these one at  a time shall we?

        1. Iraq had WMDs, was looking to start producing them again and most assured would have sold them to even more radical and dangerous people. The UN, Europe, Russia also believed he had them.  I don’t wait for a sleeping snake to wake and bite me.

        2. Our govt. has absolutely NO say in the price of crude oil/gasoline. Even the oil companies don’t determine price. OPEC’s supply determines price. Less oil being pumped = higher demand = higher prices. Learn basic economics before repeating stupid liberal myths.

        3. The Obama campaign is manipulating people into voting against their best interests by perpetrating a fraud on the American people. Obama is NOT what he seems. Obama is NOT a muslim I agree – but he is a radical SOCIALIST. He is NOT a unifer – he has divided the country. Not ONE of his campaign policies is anything new in govt. yet he is being propped up as some kind of "new" politician. It’s the same old bag of Democrat ideas – he just says them in a very intelligent manner. But read between the lines – just because he gives good speeches doesn’t mean what he’s saying is the truth or in your best interest. Hitler, Mussolini, Polpot, Idi Amin all were great speech givers too. Not that I am equating Obama with these people on policy, I am equating good speech givers with tricking people into thinking what’s being said is in their best interest.

        Obama has refused to wear the flag pin on his lapel because he was disappointed it has become "a symbol of patriotism". Huh? Isn’t that what it is anyway?

        Obama said he doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance because he wasn’t taught to in school. I don’t know what school he went to but he and I are the same age and I was taught it was a sign of respect for your country and it’s flag. He simply didn’t want to "pledge allegiance" to anything. Period. That’s a major problem for a presidential candidate if he feels pledging his allegiance to his country and flag is too patriotic. But somehow people overlook this.

        Obama refused to debate Clinton in an open forum without moderators. Didn’t anyone else find this suspicious? Without a teleprompter and a prepared speech, Obama is totally lost. When he has spoken without these things he has come across as naive, unknowledeable and downright bumbling. This is a exactly why he wouldn’t debate Hillary in such a way. His complete lack of knowledge and experience in govt. would have come screaming through and he can’t have that if he’s to keep perpetuating this lie of who he is.

        Obama has said he’s campaigned in 57 states? Again I ask what school did he go to? – last time I checked we had 50 states.

        Obama has said he will talk to despots, thugs, dictators and enemies of the US without preconditions. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Simply put – it’s painfully naive and very dangerous.

        Obama wants to take MORE money from our pockets to pay for failed social programs while weakening our defense and destroying the economy worse than it is. You can’t tax a country into prosperity – – but that’s his economic plan if you REALLY listen to what he REALLY says.

        Take away what color he is or how he speaks and look at the man’s record on paper. He barely qualifies for the job of govenor of a state yet somehow people feel he’s qualifed to be President?

        This isn’t Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where you hand over the business to some kid with no experience or any idea how to make chocolate because he’s seems honorable. We’re talking about being the most powerful man on the planet. A junior senator without any real world experience in government who speaks well isn’t who you give the job to.

        The fact that people overlook all these things and still want to vote for this guy is truly and utterly frightening.


      • katya

        You are the one that is misguided by the elitists socialists. When you wake up  in a cage one day with no liberty left than it will be too late. You say we believe the stuff in your post but you believe the rhetoric of Obama. SO we are the fools and you are the enlightened? I doubt it.

        And ALL that money that Obama gave to Google and all the ads! That is just like a Marxist, an Aristocrat who does only tithes or donates to charity 3% of his 4 million he made last year! WOW, but he is sure to be quick to take your money from you.

        Amazing hypocrasy! He lives like a capitalist, makes money like a capitalist, speaks like a free American, but then when he comes in to power will do all he can to establish socialism, rob from the rich, except of course, not from his buddies.

        Just take a lesson from Europe! Take a lesson from USSR, or have you not read any true history books?

  • http://www.giasweddingstore.com Guest

    The guy is a fake, an unpatriotic one. I believe that our country will be in grave danger if this guy is elected. By the way, not everyone who calls themselves Christians are. Specially ones who follow their own little guides instead of the Bible, like that the one where they help the black families and the black this and that, I wonder if this is how he wants to unity this country?

  • http://vizualization.com/ Br Robert



    I am amazed to read the many comments, messages and posts from those who intend to vote for OBAMA that have not even read his book.

    If they had read and understood his book, they would comprehend in the pages that he stands by Muslim worship as his preference to Christianity.

    There are many other issues that he references; but tor those that state he is not a Muslim; read his book and you will realize in his own words what he thinks of white and black people including the Muslim religion.

    Vote him into the White House and he will quickly change its history and name into the Black or Blue House.

    As far as his wife’s patriotic Americanism, you better wake up and smell the roses; she is hateful; and will work towards “un-Americanizing” the Unites States of America.

    Just the fact that Blacks vote for Hussein OBAMA for the reason only that he is Black is total representation that qualifications do not exist for consideration in the Democratic environment amongst Democrat voters.

    If OBAMA should the election to the highest office in America, this will divide our United States of America more than anyone will imagine and a New Civil War will begin amidst the representation for a leader media elected; that is if he wins the Presidential Election.

    Read OBAMA’S book and then tell me he is not a Muslim. I am confident you will not be able to say any longer that he is not a Muslim.

  • coonass

    …if George Soros pees away still more of his fortune buying ads in Google for his latest sock puppet – he’ll still have to have something substantial to advertise to succeed.   And Obama is the Popeil Veg-A-Matic of politicians – plastic and phony.  His party hasn’t had their national convention yet, and there are already signs of desperation in the Obama campaign over their candidate’s seamy side beginning to show.

    If Re-enact ’68 succeeds in turning the Democratic convention in Denver into a circus – as they have promised to – then it’ll only throw their candidate’s lack of substance into sharp relief.   This is going to be a campaign about integrity – McCain has some.  Obama doesn’t.

  • http://www.universityloveconnection.com Albert

    YES! I love barack to be the next president.


    I just wanted to know how the racists will react once he set his foot to the White House.

  • http://gamezat.net/ ?????

    google the best one

    thank you for your post


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