Google Getting Freer With Sitelinks

    November 19, 2008

Subdirectories appear to be getting some respect.  Although there hasn’t been any sort of conclusive announcement, sitelinks – those nice little link collections that appear beneath some search results – are becoming more prevalent.

When Google’s search results provide more than one link to a certain site, the site looks authoritative.  The presence of multiple links also makes it more likely that a searcher’s question will be answered, and even the least discerning searcher may just go to the site because all the links are easy to click.

This development could be rather important to some site owners, then.  Matt Cutts, for example, tweeted, "Yay, I have sitelinks for the query [matt cutts] after 2+ years!"

Barry Schwartz then asked, "Why did it take Matt over two years to get Sitelinks for his domain when it is such an authoritative source?  The answer might be that his content was on a sub-directory.  Yes, right now, there is no substantial content on, all or most the content is on  And it seems like Google is now giving sub directories Sitelink love."

Given the season we’re approaching, all this inclusiveness is nice.  It isn’t bad considering the economic situation, either, if some site owners can now attract more traffic.