Google Gets Smart Clock

    September 10, 2007

When sitting at your computer, you can probably check the time by glancing at your taskbar, your watch, or your cell phone; gaining one more option won’t exactly be a revolutionary experience.  This option’s provided by Google, however, and the feature can determine the time in many different places.

Queries like “time in china” and “what time is it in uk” now return OneBox results with a clock icon and the appropriate place and time zone.  Pick something slightly vague, like “time in austin,” and you may get more than one result (Austin, Texas and Austin, Colorado are not in the same zone).

It’s also possible that Google will get it wrong – a search for “time lexington” yields results for cities in Massachusetts and Illinois, but not Kentucky, where the WebProNews offices are located.

Oh, well.  Now you more easily make sense of those Japanese news stories that appear to have been written one day into the future.  Or you can schedule international phone calls without spending five minutes squinting at maps.  “It seems time difference calculations can not be triggered though,” notes Google Blogoscoped’s Philipp Lenssen.  “Entering time difference germany china and similar will not show any onebox, even though it might be helpful.”

Again, Google’s clock feature isn’t going to change the world, but it’s a nice little add-on.