Google Gets Playful

    December 19, 2006

It’s often refreshing to see a bit of goofiness at the corporate level, and Google, much more than some other companies, seems to have a good sense of humor. Philipp Lenssen collected photos of some Google-related gags, and posted them for all to see.

Google Gets Playful
Google Plays With Rocket Flight

All ten examples of the company’s levity look arranged, which is only to say that Lenssen is laughing with Google, and not at it. He did not, for example, poke fun at the company’s strange (but undeniably “neat”) purchase of a SpaceShipOne replica.

The first picture Lennsen posted is of a message that a Google engineer left for overeager users. “Give your mouse a break,” it reads. “It looks like you may have clicked the same link twice. Relax for a moment, give us a moment to respond to your first request, and then click your browser back button and try again. Thanks for your patience.”

Number two is, although well-known, still funny. As Lenssen puts it: “They display cheese if you’re at the highest zoom level on Google Moon.”

There’s a bit of self-promotion going on in the fourth example; Google employee Niniane Wang (or a mischevious coworker) apparently feels that “Niniane Kicks Ass!” Enter that phrase into Google Maps, and the service will lead you to the Googleplex.

Numbers seven and nine indulge the nerd in me. Seven demonstrates that a Google search about “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” reveals a tie-in to a Douglas Adams novel. And nine shows Google offers Klingon (from the Star Trek universe) as an alternative language for the search interface. (The Swedish Chef’s language of “Bork, bork, bork!” is also an option, as is “Elmer Fudd.”)

The rest of the Google jokes are available at Google Blogoscoped. A big hat tip to Lenssen (who directed a hat tip of his own to Toml) for posting them.


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