Google Gears Changes Name, Makes Friends With MySpace

    May 28, 2008

Google Gears took two steps today to make a lot of people’s lives less complicated.  First, we’ve all been encouraged to skip six keystrokes and just call it "Gears."  Second, its work with a certain social network should make MySpace messages much easier to sort through.

The developments seem to be related.  On the Official Google Blog, Chris Prince explains that Gears’s name was changed "to better reflect the open nature of this project."  He continues, "We want to make it clear that Gears isn’t just a Google thing."

Google Gears
 Slightly Outdated Gears Site

Which leads us to MySpace’s implementation.  People not in the habit of deleting messages have often accumulated hundreds, if not thousands, of notes from friends, random bands, and money-seeking females.  Clicking from page to page was an inefficient way of looking at everything.

A fresh statement reveals, "[U]sers can now type in any keywords related to the message (sender name, subject, content, dates, etc.) and the results show up in real time, as the user types."  The opt-in upgrade’s quite nifty.

As for the future, Gears isn’t letting up on the "open" and "time-saving" themes; support for Firefox 3, Safari, and Opera is coming.