Google Gains Tiny Bit Of Ground In China

    March 6, 2009

It’s rather unlikely that Google will ever dominate the Chinese search market; Baidu isn’t even close to being beat.  Just the same, a new report indicates the American search company is at least moving in the right direction, gaining an amount of ground last year that could be viewed as impressive. 

Google Logo

The Chinese Internet Network Information Center found that, in 2007, Google had a market share of 14.3 percent.  In 2008, the figured turned out to be 16.6 percent, which means an increase of 16.1 percent took place.

Not bad, right?  If Google’s able to sustain gains like that, it’ll have a market share of over 20 percent within two years.  Rises in revenue could occur on a similar scale.  And if Google only had a large group of small competitors to deal with, it might be able to hope for a sort of snowball effect to take over from there.

Only Baidu’s 2008 market share of 76.9 percent brings us back to such an outcome looking unlikely.  Even worse (from Google’s perspective) is the fact that Baidu’s share increased between 2007 and 2008, so the task of overtaking it appears to be growing tougher all the time.

As for a couple other contenders, Sohu’s 2008 market share was 2.9 percent, and Yahoo wound up with 1.6 percent.