Google Friend Connect Opens Up To Blogger

    February 26, 2009

Google has announced Google Friend Connect can now be integrated with its blogging platform Blogger.

Google says since adding its Following feature on Blogger, it has been used by almost three million blogs, which breaks down to someone following a new blog every second.

The Google Social Web Blog provides more information." By building on Friend Connect technology, the Following feature can now tap into an open ecosystem. Visitors will be able to follow a blog using their Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID account, just as they can on any other site with Friend Connect."

"These blogs will be listed in their profile alongside other sites they’ve joined. And it also leverages existing friend relationships, meaning they’ll be able to quickly see if their friends also follow the blog."

Blogs that are currently using the Following feature don’t have to do anything as they have been automatically migrated to Friend Connect.  Google says it plans to introduce an easy way to add OpenSocial gadgets via Blogger along with the integration of commenting features in the future.