Google Founders’ Award Worth Millions

    February 1, 2005

Google has begun giving out an award that could be worth millions of dollars to employees who work on outstanding projects.

According to Google+perk+Awards+worth+millions/2100-1030_3-5558626.html”>CNet …

“The first two Founders’ Awards consisted of restricted stock that was worth $12 million when it was awarded in November to two teams of a dozen or so employees each.

… Brin said a large part of the reason for creating the award was to give people incentives to apply for jobs at Google even after the promise of getting rich from the company’s initial public offering in August had passed.

“Grads coming out of school now might want to go to Google, but want to be rewarded based on the success of their project,” he said. Google already offers bonuses and options, he said, “but not to the scale where you can legitimately claim it’s comparable to doing a start-up.”

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