Google Finds Moms to Be Search Pros

Google Shares Results from Study on How Moms Use Search

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Google recently partnered with BabyCenter on a joint research study looking at how moms use search. Google says they arrived at four truths about moms and search:

1. The stork delivers search
2. Moms become black belts in search
3. Search is Mom’s GPS to Store
4. Search is Mom’s back up brain.

"These truths reveal to marketers that motherhood creates a unique search window during which a valuable connection can be made," says Jenny Liu on the Google CPG blog. "To make sure that messaging is getting through to Moms, marketers need to make sure they appear prominently on the first page of results when Moms enter both broad and specific queries into a Search Engine."

So how did Google and BabyCenter arrive at the "four truths"? Let’s look at some of the stats from the report.

For one, mothers conduct nearly twice as many searches as non-mothers. According to the findings, before becoming a Mother, participants averaged 11 searches per week, and mothers averaged 21 searches per week. Searching is actually the number one activity conducted by Moms online (even more than email).

Moms' Online Activities

Expecting moms and working moms search most frequently

According to the study, 3 out of 4 Moms believe that they have become better at searching compared to a year ago. Over a third of moms don’t make it past the top section of the first page of search results. Over half use full sentence queries to get more specific results.

Moms Strategically Match Search Queries with Needs

The study also found that moms typically use search engines throughout their purchase decision making process. Half of those surveyed use search during the awareness, familiarity and consideration stage. Expecting moms and moms with teens are more likely than the average mom to use search engines during the loyalty stage to stay in touch with a brand and keep up to date with new offers and products, the study suggests.

53% of moms say they have every expectation of seeing well-known brands highlighted within a sponsored link, and 59% of moms say they would click on a coupon noted in a sponsored search result. Another 55% of moms can link a purchase in a physical store back to a search conducted via a search engine.

Moms use search engines to find recipes, reviews of products and services and finding coupons and deals. According to Google, 56% of moms say they would give up high heeled shoes for search, and 53% would give up lipstick. 

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Google Finds Moms to Be Search Pros
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  • http://deck-boards.com Mr Deck Boards

    If they are using 85% of their time on line searching, doesn’t that mean they actually suck at search? Otherwise they find it much much faster and easier.

    The fact that are so willing to click adverts tells alot about how non computer savvy they are as well.

    Unless maybe Google is fudging the stats to make it look like people are far more likely to click adverts than the rest of the research out there shows (less than 5% will click an advert, less than 15% even look at them, last I read) …

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    I’m a mother and must agree that I will spend a great deal of time doing a search to fill a need and accept the most reasonable and fair price. It’s for more than just personal reasons such a in-depth search would go on. Anybody who doesn’t understand the maternal or parental instinct would find stats of such activities rather dull.

  • http://homeandbodyessence.ecrater.com HomeAndBodyEssence

    “To make sure that messaging is getting through to Moms, marketers need to make sure they appear prominently on the first page of results when Moms enter both broad and specific queries into a Search Engine.”

    The above statement should be used by marketers for all the potential consumers out there and not just Moms.

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