Google Finally Finds New CFO

    June 25, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

George Reyes announced he would leave Google’s chief financial officer post back in August 2007. A year later, his replacement will take over his duties.

Patrick Pichette won’t be coming into a pre-IPO Google, with billions of dollars in stock options waiting to be claimed. The former Bell Canada executive will step into a company with a globally recognized brand and a dominant position in its industry.

Google disclosed Pichette’s selection after the markets closed on Wall Street. Previously president of operations at Bell Canada, Pichette takes the role of senior VP and CFO with the search advertising company.

Pichette comes into Google on August 1, with formal assumption of duties scheduled for August 12. Along with his Bell Canada experience, Pichette worked for the McKinsey consulting firm on North American telecom issues.

“On behalf of all my colleagues at Google, we welcome Patrick and, once again, thank George Reyes for all that he’s done for Google,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in a statement. Shame he didn’t mention why it took Google ten months to find a replacement for the retiring Reyes, who probably wouldn’t mind knowing that himself.