Google Fiber To Offer Free Internet To Austin-Based Community Organizations

    December 13, 2013
    Zach Walton
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This week, it was revealed that AT&T would beat Google Fiber to the punch in bringing fiber-backed Internet to Austin, Texas. The incumbent telecom company would also match Google Fiber on price by offering gigabit Internet for $70 a month. Now Google is firing back.

Google Fiber announced today that it will be donating ten years of free Gigabit Internet to 100 community organizations in Austin. The organizations receiving this free Internet range from museums and theaters to public libraries and schools. You can see a full list here.

Google notes that these organizations aren’t guaranteed to receive free Internet. Just like in Kansas City, these organizations must be part of a fiberhood. That will require the residential houses in the area to sign up for Google Fiber thus giving these organizations free Internet. These organizations will also play a hand in convincing the local residents to sign up for Google Fiber instead of AT&T’s new service.

Here’s a short video detailing what Austin community organizations would do with free Gigabit Internet:

While all of this is nice, Google admits that it will be a while before the fiber rollout begins in Austin. It will take Google until at least late 2014 to start getting free Internet to these organizations. Until then, people can either wait for Google Fiber or sign up for AT&T’s GigaPower service. For those who lack patience, just know that AT&T’s cheap fiber Internet will require you hand over your browser history so they can sell you ads. Oh, there’s a data cap too.

[Image: googlefiberofficial/YouTube]
  • http://None Justin mclaughlin

    I think that google fiber should expand there network to all locations in the us and provide truly unlimited internet/data to cell companies like AT&T And charge them 8 million dollars per month,also I think that google fiber should continue to increase there speeds by 1gbps every year. This would be an at vantage to google fiber because they will make large amounts of money and also cell companies will benefit because they can bring back truly unlimited data at great speeds,and also have excellent coverage please take my advise as a gift to google fiber and a gift to me and everyone please make this happen o and by the way I love your idea because I actually had the same idea but I didn’t have the idea until after google fiber and I didn’t even know about google fiber.also I wish google fiber good luck and great secsess.also I want you to keep your service unlimited forever.

  • Robert

    ComCast, Time Warner, AT&T Just want your Money and Use Recordings to service you and advertise new what ever to hope you forget what you called for. I had a Very Very Bad experience with AT&T. Never again.
    Time Warner- I just gave up the Cable TV and went to Basic. North Carolina News is So Republican It sounds like the Republicans on capital hill. Time Warner and Comcast is only concerned Jacking up the price on long time customers and and Shoving promotions for New Customers and has such lousy customer service.

    Lets Go Google! Lest Go!
    Cannot Wait until Google Expands to other states.