Google Feels Lucky with Twitter

Twitter Community Welcomes Google with Open Arms

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Google has decided to start a Twitter account. It’s attached to a random Googler and holds the bio "News and updates from Google."

The first tweet came sometime around 7pm  EST last night, and Google already has nearly 12,000 followers. It is following 37. Among those being followed by Google? A bunch of Googlers, and Google product accounts. Danny Sullivan, and John Battelle are also in the mix. And of course Biz Stone and Evan Williams.

Google on Twitter

The Google Twitter account is long overdue, but very appreciated as the number of followers clearly illustrates.  For one, this adds to Google’s extensive list of sources for distributing updates about the company, also containing quite a few blogs.

The list of followers is a useful guide to other Googlers to follow. The product-specific accounts aren’t just spewing out links to the blog posts either. For those wanting to keep up with every facet of what Google is doing, this is a treasure trove.

Googler Tweeters

Google’s initial tweet read:

"I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010"

Admittedly, I don’t read binary code, but sources indicate that this translates to "I’m Feeling Lucky." The addition of this account can only help Google’s quest for transparency. It’ll be interesting to see how actively they respond to other Twitterers in conversation. Here’s one Googler’s thoughts on why Twitter matters.

>>> Does Google have bigger plans for Twitter?

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Google Feels Lucky with Twitter
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  • http://www.kindlebooksstore.com Amazon Kindle

    Transparency???? LOL Seriously Chris that is the last thing that should be mentioned with Google in the same article. Google is the largest propaganda machine in the world, whose AIM to confuse any webmaster so that they can protect their organic SERPs. There is absolutely no transparency whatsoever….given the fact the Twitter account belongs some mystery guest at Google… where do you see transparency????

    • Chris Crum

      Their words.

      They could be doing everything behind the scenes while offering little to no updates about what they are up to like many, many businesses, but Google has many different ways of keeping interested parties informed of their work. No, they’re not telling you how to game their algorithm. They’re trying to maintain a quality product.

      While search is a big part of Google, there is a lot more to the company than that as well.

  • http://www.tips4pc.com Computer tips

    I think it great that Google gets personal with the rest of us. Such a big company at a ground level thing. Who cares if they actually give you secret updates, it’s the thought that counts.

    PS. How do you get followed by Google? LOL

    • http://www.francislee.com.au Francis Lee

      To see companies jump on the band wagon, but I got this feeling that they “Might”, just might, drop hints when there are new updates coming up. If not, atleast you’ll get “almost” live updates on whats new at the big G when it happens

  • http://www.corporatecardguide.com chip

    I am sure they will keep it very corporate for a while. Announcements and News, sure, but personal? that would be interesting to see. Twittering is probably something more on their to do list. It will be a nice break away innovator to come up with a more useful way to use the google twitter account. But, we will have to wait til the twitter task gets passed to that person’s desk. Knowing google, it won’t be long.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Thanks, Chris, for this great info. I’ve been on Twitter for sometime but only recently started really utilizing it for socially marketing my safety and security web site. It’s great for getting out the news when you do something note worthy.

  • http://www.nrev.com/ Eric Maas

    I am new to Twitter only been using it a few weeks, but I see more benefits to it each day. Glad I got on the bandwagon before Google.

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    I bet it would take a while for Google to tweet.. They have too many projects on hands and can’t find the time for tweeting.. I wish them all the best on twitter. :-)

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    I wish them all the luck! N the number of followers are just going to increase from here….

  • http://uvaha.com/html/fashion-accessories.htm Fashion Accessories

    Best of luck . The followers increasingly day by day

  • http://www.squidoo.com/make-money_using-paypal Easy money

    It’s something very strange. Why would Google want to create a Twitter account if Google can get the attention of any audience or groups of people? Is it just for making some attention or what?
    I really can’t see why.

    • a concerned netizen

      Why? Because Google is a 21st century bully and will stop at nothing. That’s why.
      I guarantee you it ain’t just because they think “its just neat”
      They need cash and more cash and this will help them. It’s a thirst that won’t be quenched and when the time comes, they’ll gobble us up too right along with everything else. U will C!

      • http://www.GreyStormMedia.com/ Dave

        I wonder how many times Eric Schmidt’s name would come up if we googled Bilderberg.

        If anyone is not familiar with Bilderberg Group, search it in Bing and look at the related searches on the left.


        It helps to know who one puts their faith and trust into…

        Has anyone ever questioned how Google Earth came to be? Think about it. Since when does an internet search engine have such close and loving ties to the government that they are entrusted with all of the satallite images that it takes to piece together the ENTIRE planet?

  • http://wolfet.co.uk NeuroToxic

    It just goes to show that even the big G can’t rest on its loral’s. Im surprised that Google hasn’t acquired / brought Twitter yet.

  • http://www.el-minjas.com mr Lhasa Apso

    great tools for using and we can use them mobile with android,
    CNN used twiiter with the planecrash was the first with news supplied by mobile


  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Wonder what they are really up too? Think about it the Twitter is to be social and not “toot’n your own horn” I know cause I did that at st being a new Twit and it did not take long to learn it’s not about self promotion.

    I wonder how they will control themselves and not do it.. but, what other thing can they do? They could do a lot, especially once they get the followers past @stephenfry http://twitter.com/stephenfry as he’s now over 1/4 million followers!

    I think they were getting 1 follower / sec for a while as Twitter tends to have a wave to it. Mostly due to time zones I’m sure. Of course I think it’s cool to see them on board and look forward to their tweets!

    Best Regards!

    Follow Snerdey ;)

  • http://www.GreyStormMedia.com/ Dave

    According to the screenshot, four out of five posts are spam. So, if it’s Google SPAM, it is acceptable? Anybody else might be banned for that…

  • http://seoservicecompany.net/seo-consultancy-agency/ SEO Agency

    Twitter is good tool for doing SEO and Google interest in Twitter is very interesting.

  • http://www.foursquareinnovations.co.uk/ SEO Chris

    I’m sort of surprised someone didn’t set up a Twitter account posing as Google before now – imagine the followers, but also imagine the law suit.

  • http://niche-traffic-sale.blogspot.com Ami

    Strange thing happened. 6 months ago, I was not even aware of Twitter. I know it’s a terrible thing for an internet marketer to admit. But now, every where you turn there is a comment or post or article about twitter.

    Hmmm. How long will our latest toy hold our attention for

  • http://www.phpgamespace.com mdshare

    As it was said twitter will be the marketing tool for 2009, guess big corps can’t stay out of the loop even not google.

    Personally I started a twitter account with the feeds of my sites and thx to twitter I got like 100k extra visits on my sites. So it’s def a good marketing tool and afterall free.

  • http://www.rizwanzahid.com Guest

    Weldone Twitter, Its all due to your great work.

  • http://www.sietek.hu Susan Bosch

    It will be a nice break away innovator to come up with a more useful way to use the google twitter account.

  • http://www.classiccarpartsclub.com Tony Lee

    I guess “G” would catch on sooner or later, but I’m just wonder what took them so long!

    Maybe they will get their own thing going and call it “Gwitter”!

  • http://www.straightalk.biz STRAIGHTALK

    Google is always trying to get into everything..

  • http://www.CyberSiteSearch.com John

    Seems like a good move to me …

  • http://www.hamroawaaz.com Rahul

    I’ve been also a follower of @google and was around 5000th follower. Now it has quite a lot of followers and why not too.

    Cool that even google is in twitter now ;)

  • http://www.cwd.co.in Chennai Web Design

    Congrats Twitter! Maximum folks using for everyday. So, while google updating new things, reached easily everyone google followers.

  • http://www.moovinonup.com SEO

    yeah I been following google on twitter too

  • http://slawomir-chojnacki.info slawomir chojnacki

    Twitter is good for SEO and in future Googles Twitter will very important. thanks

  • http://webbasedbusiness.rediffiland.com Mohan

    Ever since Google terminated my AdSense account for no reason, I would like to stay away from it!

    So, please Google, No Follow – pleeeeeease!

  • http://www.masenka.be Masenka

    Any opinions if Google will want to buy twitter any time soon?

  • http://ladiespeacerumblecorner.googlepages.com/makemoney chris

    Google on twitter, is this a google test before it feeds?

  • http://www.6eif.org ???? ??? ?????

    Thank you

  • http://www.hireababysitter.com Cathy Jones

    I just joined twitter – @hireababysitter not because Google did but because it’s seems it’s twitter mania out there. I guess if google joined it’s gotta be something big.

  • jpbrady1

    I hope that this serves as a warning to us all that Google wants to have more of our business!

  • http://tinaksmithphotography.blogspot.com/ Tina Smith

    Guess I’m off to open a twitter account!

  • http://highpointseo.com Denver SEO

    Just another attempt by Google to dominate everything online. I’m surprised they didn’t just buy Twitter – must not have enough revenue stream. They must be evaluating the value of Twitter as a whole.

    Makes me think that Tweeted URL’s will become more and more important for SEO.

    • http://www.homesecuritytx.com Home Security Guy

      Are you saying Twitter doesn’t have enough revenue for Google to want to buy it or that Google doesn’t have enough revenue to be able to purchase it?

  • Guest

    Could they also be tied up in this http://www.twitter.com/googlemoon

  • http://www.cronwerks.com Cronus

    Twitter is a great tool and is currently on the rise. I’ve gained tons of traffic with it already too, and it takes hardly any work, just gotta know what you’re doing really.

  • http://www.top-web-templates.com Raphael – Top Web Templates

    They will buy it eventually!

  • http://www.arborseo.com Jau

    They’re movin on up!

  • http://www.neotericuk.co.uk/seo.php SEO

    Google too….

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