Google: Facebook Similar to Gmail, Bing Similar to Dogpile

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Google has launched a new feature in its search results, which displays results that are deemed "similar" to the query. If you search for eBay, for example, you may get results for Craigslist, uBid,, and

Basically, if someone searches for a brand, there is a good chance Google will inject links to the competition on that results page by default (though at the bottom).

It's actually not a new feature entirely. "We've offered a 'Similar' feature on results for a while now as a way to discover new, useful sites, but it hasn't been too visible," says Google software engineer Doantam Phan. "Since we've been continuously improving this feature and we think it's really useful, we're now going to start showing these alternative sites more prominently."

I thought it would be interesting to see what pages Google thinks are similar to Google itself and some of its competitors. When I searched "google" I didn't get any similar pages. When I searched "bing", I got the following:
Pages similar to Bing according to Google
For "facebook" I got the following:
Pages similar to Facebook according to Google
For Yahoo, I got the following:
Pages similar to Yahoo according to Google

I find it interesting that Google deems Bing to be more like Dogpile than Google or even Yahoo. It's also worth noting that Gmail is in the mix for Facebook, with Buzz presumably being the connecting factor, which is interesting in itself since Buzz is more like FriendFeed than Facebook, and Facebook actually owns FriendFeed, but that's not listed (while is listed as similar to Bing).

Chris Crum
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