Google, Facebook Emerge As Winners In Britain

    May 30, 2007

In some markets, Google is getting trounced.  Take China and South Korea, for instance: the big guy just can’t win.  In other regions, Google continues to reign supreme, and the latest numbers from comScore confirm that Britain is willing to crown Google as king of the search engines.  Social networks also fared well in the UK.

Still, comScore’s numbers pertaining to Google (and a competitor from Microsoft) are pretty amazing; “[t]he figures showed that nearly nine out of every ten people in Britain visited Google and MSN last month,” reports bigmouthmedia.

For comparison, the Mountain View-based company got 27.4 million visitors in April, and Microsoft received 27 million – perhaps not as much of a difference as Google might like.

The call wasn’t nearly as close between Facebook and Bebo.  In regards to the former, “The site’s rapid growth saw visits increase by 38 per cent for the second consecutive month to 3.7 million, representing an aggregate growth of 90 per cent for the last two months,” according to the bigmouthmedia article.

As for ol’ Bebo (which is described as “another much-loved networking site”), there was just a six percent increase in traffic between March and April.  Then again, “just” may not be the right word to describe a growth rate of six percent per month.

In any event, there you have it: Britain continues to go gaga over Google, and is increasingly infatuated with Facebook.