Google Exec On Canada: “It’s Not As Competitive”

    September 24, 2009

Google wants Canada to get with the program – the AdWords program, that is.  An exec has expressed some concern – or at least bafflement – over the idea that online advertising hasn’t caught on in Canada to the degree that it has in other countries.

Canada has a healthy economy, after all (several different groups rank it eleventh in the world according to GDP), and Internet penetration in the nation is pretty high (think 70 percent or more, although estimates differ).

Nikesh AroraBut Peter Nowak reports that Nikesh Arora, Google’s president of global sales operations and business development, said, "It’s not as competitive a business market, which basically suggests that there’s not as many businesses online because they’re not competing for more share amongst each other or there are not enough businesses competing in certain areas."

Arora then added that businesses in the U.S. and U.K. are doing a better job of getting online and representing themselves on a global level.

Since Arora said all of this while visiting Google’s Toronto office, it’s possible that he was just trying to prompt local employees to accomplish more.  Or perhaps he wanted to plant a sort of seed with area businesses.  Still, this seemed noteworthy since it’s not every day that you see Google call out an entire country.