Google Announces Science Fair Awards


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A science fair that's been around since 1950 is about to become an even bigger deal thanks to Google.  The company's announced that it will give out three Google Special Awards at the International Science and Engineering Fair (which has been sponsored by Intel since 1997).

The winners will receive $10,000 each, along with the opportunity to present their projects at the Googleplex.  As for what sort of work Google's interested in rewarding, the company's attached its prizes to three categories: "cs Connect," "Secret Agent Change," and "The Future of Energy."

That last category relates to renewable energy.  A description of the second one provided by the Google Student Blog stated, "The most innovative changes make our world a better place.  If you took your project out of the lab and into the real world, how would it create positive impact in your neighborhood and in our global society?"

Finally, with regards to cs Connect, the blog post summed up, "Innovative, cross-disciplinary connections change the way we look at the world.  How are you applying computer science to further scientific inquiry in your field?"

Google's work with the ISEF looks to be a good way for the company to grab a few headlines, make a positive impression on people the winning students interact with, and perhaps even convince a few bright youngsters to work for it when they're done with school.