Google Enhances Real Estate Search

    November 20, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has added some new real estate search features to Google Maps. Earlier this year, Google expanded this functionality by letting you select "real estate" from the "more" menu. Now you can just search for "real estate" or other real estate-related geographical queries and get listings.

"The idea is to make it really easy for you guys – you tell us what you want, and we get it back to you! Of course, we’ll continue to work to return the best results for all your Google Maps queries, whether you’re looking for local businesses, geographic features, or your perfect home," Google says in an announcement on its Australian blog.

Are you familiar with Google’s Place Pages? These are pages for businesses that Google creates for listings in Google Maps. They launched this feature earlier this year also. Now real estate listings have their own place pages as well.

Google Place Pages for Real Estate listings

"Now clicking the ‘more info’ link next to a listing takes you to a faster, easier-to-read page that gives you all of the information we have about a listing: photos, inspection times, videos, details, a Street View preview and nearby public transit information if available, allowing you to quickly find the listing you want and click through to the sources of the listing," explains Google.

As Matt McGee at Search Engine Land points out, Google has shown individual property info for a while now, but this provides a much more user-friendly approach. Google Maps may start to be considered the place to go to find real estate online. 

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