Google Enables Buying On Base

    February 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A handful of sellers have been granted the ability to sell items on Google Base to other users with a Google Account and a credit card.

Google provided a well-chilled dessert of “icy finger of dread” to eBay today. The search advertising company announced the beginning of buying and selling on Google Base.

The same mechanism that lets users buy content at Google Video will also permit them to buy items in a secure fashion online from Google Base sellers. Those sellers get the benefit of transaction processing integrated with the item management features of Base.

Google has demonstrated a more mature, dare we say Microsoft-like, approach to rolling out new services. After the misadventure with the debut of the free version of Google Analytics, the company has shown a willingness to more tightly manage their beta releases.

They confirmed in a statement yesterday that the launch of Google Page Creator, a browser-based web site creation service, was only going to accept a certain number of users before closing to new registrants.

That confirmation came after the service opened, then abruptly closed a few hours later. With the announcement of Google Base and the selling process, they have proactively stated the limits to new sellers signing up for the service. It’s a sensible action to minimize disappointment and misunderstandings about the move.

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