Google May Start Working With Intel SSDs

    May 12, 2008

Solid state drives aren’t exactly mainstream.  They would fit right in with the solar panels, Prius fleets, and organic food that can be found around the Googleplex, however, and that’s reportedly where they’re going.

SSDs from Intel are supposed to be delivered any time now, according to Josephine Lien and Esther Lam, for use in Google’s servers.  SSDs demand less electricity than the traditional type, so the energy savings and environmental benefit should be noticeable.

Intel SSDs
 Google Could Get Intel SSDs

The money savings, at least initially, should not.  SSDs are pricey, and Google appears to be thinking about its long-term financial health rather than short-term safeguarding.  But for the rest of us, there’s the hope that Google’s interest will create economies of scale.

Here’s one other thing that the average person can look forward to: although comparisons between SSDs and hard disk drives haven’t always come out in the newer technology’s favor, Thomas Claburn reports that the use of SSDs may improve Google’s response times.

Google and Intel’s stocks both went up today, with Google slightly outpacing the market as a whole.