Google Embedded Searches Raise Questions

    September 20, 2005

About a month ago, stories were floating around of UI tests over at the Googleplex. The information showed up on a number of blogs and forums. One of those tests involved embedded results in SERPs.

A nod to SERound Table for mentioning the discussion on Search Engine Watch Forums. Apparently, one of the posters, madsci13, was doing a search for flaxen hair based on the Debussey composition and came up with interesting results.

The first five were based on his search. Then a block came up in the middle discussing scud missiles. Then it goes back to flaxen hair stuff. This is a little peculiar. Hair care products, the history of flax or the classical works of Spike Jones might have been more appropriate than scud missiles. One could assume that the system needs just a wee bit more tweaking.

A number of posters were scratching their heads on this as well. What Google will do to improve this or even if they consider it a problem remains to be seen. For now, flaxen haired babes packing scuds will just have to be fashionable, maybe a G. Gordon Liddy calendar?

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.