Google Earth Rotates Into The Browser

    May 28, 2008

Google announced today the release of a Google Earth API and browser plug-in. Google Earth is the newest edition to the company’s Maps API, which allows developers to turn their Web sites into 3D map allocations.

New features include the ability to embed Google Earth into Web sites, create lines, polygons, and placemarks in 3D. Users can also convert existing Maps API sites to 3D Earth, add or view buildings in 3D, and use Google Sky’s high-resolution images.

"The Google Maps API, with over 150,000 developer sites, and the Google Earth client, with over 400 million downloads, are both tremendously successful tools to help users visualize this Geoweb of content," said Google.

"Now that we have brought the Google Earth API to the developer community, we can only imagine what wonderfully creative new web applications will be developed."