Google Earth Isn’t Keen On Blurring Indian Sites!

    March 21, 2007

The concern grows amongst Indian security agencies as Google Earth continues to show clear images of strategic Indian sites. People from all around the world can see clear images of Indian Parliament house from all possible angels.

Economic Times informs:

“We take security concerns seriously but obscuring images will not help. We have never degraded image quality… The images available on Google Earth are also available for purchase from various satellite companies in market. The government needs to deal with this issue at the level of satellite companies because they are selling images to us… mapping services etc are available commercially… sometimes free of cost and sometimes for a price. If images damage security then they need to talk to satellite companies. Blurring needs to be done by satellite companies… targeting Google Earth will not fix the problem,” Andrew McLaughlin, head of Global Public Policy of Google, told ET.

Sometime back the news surfaced that Google Earth would blur strategic sites, however, Andrew altogether gives a different picture. It is clear that Google Earth has put the blame on satellite agencies instead of taking quick step.