Google Earth Helps With Pot Bust

    January 30, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

The latest discovery made via Google Earth was made by Swiss police, who spotted a two-acre marijuana crop in the middle of a cornfield.

Swiss cops discovered the crop in the rural area of Thurgau while trying to locate the addresses of some farmers suspected to be involved in a drug ring. In addition to 16 arrests, authorities seized 1.2 tons of hash and marijuana along with cash and valuables worth about $780,000.

By this Kentuckian’s calculations, those numbers are off.

Google Earth/Street View spotting has become a bit of hobby for people. The website Google Earth Hacks is a site dedicated to things people have found. Hacks like these are responsible for discovering the famous Swastika building, World War II bombers in flight, and crop circles around the globe.

Recently a researcher studying animal migrations with Google Earth discovered cows, when standing in a line together, tend to point exactly toward magnetic north.