Google Earth Gets U.S. Election Guide

    October 24, 2006

Let it never be said that Google isn’t active on the political front. Whether or not you agree with their stance on how they conduct business isn’t the point. The fact that they encourage citizens to vote is quite commendable.

Now, thanks the new U.S. Election Guide overlay on Google Earth, users can find out political information about the district they live including voter registration information, news and other assorted information about candidates in the area selected. These regions are identified on by what the Google Blog calls “patriotic stars”. Once clicked, these stars reveal the aforementioned data.

Not only does Google Earth boast the election guide, but they also introduced an overlay focusing on the upcoming House and Senate races. In order to utilize these features, all users have to do is select the appropriate Google Earth layer. Apparently, the necessary update is done automatically because there isn’t anything to download on the Google Earth site except for the Google Earth software.

Chris Richardson
Staff Writer | WebProNews Blog

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