Google Earth Enterprise Wherever You Want it

    January 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google is now offering a portable version of Google Earth Enterprise. Users can now access Google Earth Enterprise, without having the means previously necessary to do so.

"Most customers install Google Earth Enterprise software on servers in their own data center," says an explanation from Google on deployment options. "Employees and other authorized users can connect to these servers from anywhere they have access to that organization’s network. In certain circumstances, users need to access their Google Earth globe but do not have network access or have limited bandwidth." 

Google cites situations like:

– Disaster response
– Field operations
– Remote viewing

as possible reasons why a portable version of Google Earth Enterprise would be particularly useful.

"The portable version of Google Earth Enterprise allows organizations to distribute geospatial data to their employees where bandwidth is limited or unavailable – such as emergency workers responding to a disaster. Customers can deploy the portable solution for a single individual, or for a multi-person team," says Dan Israel of the Google Enterprise Team.

"This version is also appropriate for situations when users are away from their desks and need to access an organization’s geospatial data. Data collected in the field can also be transferred to the primary system when network connectivity is available," he adds.

Google Earth Enterprise Portable is already available, and comes with options for single or multiple user access. Google notes that it should be synced with Google Earth Enterprise software before being deployed in the field.