Google Earth Adds New York Times Layer

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Google has partnered with The New York Times to allow users to track the news geographically in a layer on Google Earth.

Users can follow the news by location (city, state, country, neighborhood) and by section (U.S., Foreign, Sports, Travel). Items on the layer are mapped based on place names given to each article when it is uploaded to NYTimes.com. The items include headlines and the first paragraph with links back to the full story or that particular section.

Google Earth New York Times
Google Earth New York Times
(Photo Credit: Google LatLong Blog)

On the Lat Long Blog, Wei Luo, Tech Lead Manager, Google Earth writes, "To experience this new way of getting your daily dose of news, launch the latest version of Google Earth and make sure the ‘Geographic Web’ folder is turned on."

"Click on a New York Times placemark and you will see the latest news and features pertaining to that geographic region. Want to see more than just headlines? Click on the "Show this layer" button at the top of the preview bubble and you’ll get a list of news articles dating back one month."

This is the first time Google has worked with a news organization to offer news in real time. The Times layer is updated every 15 minutes pulling new stories from NYTimes.com. The layer includes articles from the last 30 days. The new layer was developed by the Times Company’s Research and Development group.

Google Earth Adds New York Times Layer
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  • http://car2be.com/ Tomas

    The New York Times layer seems to be one of a number for which dominant, ie visible from great altitude, sample place marks have appeared. The one over southern Scotland tells us that Snoop Dog may not be allowed to enter the UK. Really?

    Is this type of unwanted intrusion a sign of things to come on GE?

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    When Google announced they were having a Google Earth and Maps Hackathon a couple of weeks ago, Virgil Zetterlind of EarthNC decided he would go to New York to attend.
    more info here: http://www.gearthblog.com/

  • http://paella-party.de/ Paella

    I usually don’t read news at Google Maps–it’s not handy. But I like the picture and videos they provide in the map. I wish they would add more geographical features like about volcanos, sea currents, climate etc. As long as users can switch the features on and off, that won’t lead to an information overload.

    Now I heard that you can integrate Google Maps in your own website, is that true? I would like to use it for my site Kunst zu Reisen but how?

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    Google SPANED its search mile from the partner with Newyork Times ,and Times is so attract more readers online .Why not they combine? win-to-win…lol

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    Well, though I love Google Map, I’m pretty concerned about it prying open our privacy. Still it’s one of the best Google has ever brought to the table.

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    That was very awesome that New York Times allowed it. It really did help me.

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    Great News!! So the we can track the news geographically in a layer on Google.

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  • Alexis

    This is adding a great new element to an already great program!

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  • Mapper

    This is an amazing function I cant believe I didnt use. Its especially useful for those travelers that can snap a quick news just by entering a location on the map. Great.

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  • Linda Brooks

    This is fascinating development I had not previously heard about, but can’t wait to try! It will be great to be able to actually see the places that are in the news!

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    This is really a good enhancement to the existing google earth. It helps to get news from all over the world simultaneously in watching the places

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  • Guest

    Google keeps on coming out with new developments. Let us see how this new addition works. I will surely check it out.

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