Google Drops Ads From Orkut

    October 3, 2007

Advertising on social networks can be tricky. Google has found this out and has decided to remove all AdSense ads from it social network Orkut.

According to the WSJ Google said ads were on only 1 percent of Orkut pages and was a "test" of online marketing. Orkut is popular in Brazil and India, but does not have the influence of a MySpace or Facebook in the U.S.

Google removed ads on Orkut’s site in Brazil in August after complaints from Brazilian nonprofit group, SafeNet alleged that Orkut contained illegal content on some users pages. Google maintains it removes illegal or offensive content when it is notified or discovers it.

Advertisers have been concerned about putting ads on social networks because they have little control of what type of image or text the ad might appear beside.

According to comScore, Orkut had 25 million visitors in August and was ranked 76th among Web properties globally. Google’s search engine was the No.1 site with 383 million visitors.

Over at Search Engine Journal Loren Baker thinks Google is doing the right thing. "Pulling the AdWords ads in Orkut is a smart move by Google until they can learn how to better police the content being served on the Google property, and target their advertising accordingly.