Google Drives Jobs To Michigan

    October 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A Google job post seeks entry level techies in Ann Arbor, Michigan to help build a new Googleplex.

Search Engine Watch posted an update to a story from early summer, where Google was reputed to be seeking more office space around the country. It looks as though they may have found a home.

Google has place a job posting online for ‘Server Room Technicians’ in Ann Arbor:

Google needs your help to build the physical infrastructure behind its powerful search technology…

Responsibilities include:

•  Install new Linux servers.
•  Help test and troubleshoot new server hardware components and designs.
•  Install switches, routers, and other networking gear.
•  Fix broken servers (replace hard drives, replace bad sticks of RAM, etc.)
•  Configure and troubleshoot Linux OS related issues on our servers.

SEW notes a couple of factors that likely weighed in the Wolverines’ favor in getting a Michigan-based Googleplex. Larry Page went to Michigan, and the University’s library is one of the participants in Google Print.

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