Open Handset Alliance Attracts 14 More Members

    December 9, 2008

Open Handset Alliance

Google seems to be having a "big growth" kind of day.  One exhibit: Street View doubled its coverage of the U.S.  Then there’s also the case of the Open Handset Alliance, which started out with 34 members, gaining 14 fresh ones.

That represents an increase of about 41 percent, if you’re curious.  Some of the new members are more or less household names, too.  Garmin, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, and Vodafone, anyone?

All of the companies seem to believe that joining the Alliance will net them some innovative products.  Google, in return, should get a lot more bright minds fiddling with its Android mobile operating system.  And as everything ships out to consumers, Alliance members hope to see higher-than-usual sales figures, and Google expects a massive amount of publicity.

Google might corner a massive market share, too, if things go especially well.

Still, it’s necessary to point out that Google hasn’t formed any sort of relationships with AT&T and Verizon Wireless, America’s two biggest mobile carriers.  Furthermore, a number of other operating systems (Symbian, Research in Motion, Microsoft Windows Mobile) have huge head starts in the same space.