Google Doesn't Pass NOSCRIPT PageRank

    October 17, 2006

An interesting thread appeared at WebmasterWorld discussing how Google handles links within NOSCRIPT tags. WMW’s Brett Tabke indicates while Google may follow links within these tags (which were introduced in case users were viewing a page with script capabilities turned off), but they will not pass on PageRank.

Tabke’s post should be all the motivation you need to not use Javascript-based naviagation, something search engineers have been saying since I went to my first SES conference… unless you aren’t interested in passing PageRank to your site’s sub-pages. Of course, if you have text links at the bottom of the page to support the top-level Javascript navigation, then your site’s PR should be passed like normal. Just make sure these text links are outside of the NOSCRIPT tag.

Hat-tip to SERoundtable.

Chris Richardson
Staff Writer | WebProNews