Google Docs Petition Calls for White House Garden

    November 5, 2008
    Chris Crum

Have you ever been involved with a petition using Google Docs? If so Google wants to know about it. Right now, they’re highlighting one in particular that is calling for the next President (which we now know will be Barack Obama) to plant an organic farm on the grounds of the White House.

The petition comes from Daniel Bowman Simon and Casey Gustowarow who ride around the country in a double-decker bus made out of two school buses that have been fused together. On top of the bus is a garden.

Garden Bus

One of their stops was a visit to Google. "Their visit to Google was one stop in their cross-country drive in the bus," says Marketing Manager Andrew Chang on the Google Docs Blog.  "At Google, they had lunch with employees, including a Google chef. Daniel and Casey recently arrived in Washington, D.C., just in time for election day."

Of course the two carry around a paper version of the petition, but they offer their online version through Google Docs, and Google apparently found this interesting enough talk about it themselves. That’s why if you use Google Docs in an interesting way like this, you maybe able to generate some increased exposure by letting them know about it (you may do so in the comments on the blog post).