Google Docs Offers New Holiday Templates

    December 3, 2008

Google Docs has received a lot of attention lately, most of which was focused on its miniscule market share.  Google would like to address that issue, and as the holiday season approaches, it’s doing so by unveiling some new templates.

Google Docs Offers New Holiday Templates

On the Official Google Docs Blog, Vivan Leung hinted at the templates’ many uses and made an appeal to thrifty folks, writing, "Whether you’re still planning your Thanksgiving party, or already working on your gift shopping list, you might want to check out our new templates for the holidays — a series of templates designed to help make your holidays a little more efficient (and cost-effective, too)."

Leung, a product marketing manager, then continued, "You’ll find everything from party invites, holiday cards, to gift tags and much more. . . .  [A]s with all of our templates, they are available to you for free in our Template Gallery."

Once in the Gallery, users are presented with about 40 options, at least a few of which were made by Googlers.  Someone at Avery Dennison‘s also been extremely busy.  (Ulterior motive alert: the instructions accompanying Avery Dennison templates suggest printing on Avery labels and related products.)

If you’re so inclined, then, give Google Docs a shot and put what you find to good use this December.

– Originally posted on 11/19

UPDATE: Google is now pushing the holiday-themed templates again today, including one for a survey form. On 11/21 they launched the form templates section. More on that here.