Google Docs List View Not Just for Mobile Anymore

    March 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google Docs users may recall last month when Google improved the mobile version by adding list view for spreadsheets, which allows you to view, edit, sort, and filter them. Before that you could only view them.

Google has now made the same list view available for working on spreadsheets from desktop and notebook computers. It can be found in the View menu.

You can quickly sort and filter data without changing the underlying spreadsheet when in list view. Each sort and filter view has its own unique URL.

List view is also embeddable. You can add it to your blog or web site. Maybe in the future, there will be a Gmail lab like this one that lets you embed it in an email.

Google’s Eric Boggs suggests the following ways to use list view:

– Imagine that you collected 100 names and t-shirt sizes using a Google Docs form. You might share a list view of the form responses, allowing people to fix errors (such as someone entering the wrong size) without worrying about a novice user accidentally messing up other parts of the spreadsheet.

– Rather than embedding a published snapshot of a spreadsheet in your Google Sites page, you can now embed a read-only list view of the spreadsheet, which allows users to easily sort, filter and page through the data.

Users of list view can easily get full spreadsheet functionality if they click the "Go to Spreadsheet View" link.