Google Docs Going Offline?

    January 29, 2008

Back in October, we shared news that Google Calendar was requesting permission to use Google Gears to provide offline access. We’re still waiting on that.

Now it appears Google Blogoscoped is seeing something similar with Google Docs.

(image courtesy of Google Blogoscoped)

After enabling offline access and confirming the security warning for Google Gears, my documents started to synchronize, just the same as feed items synchronize in Google Reader. (In case you encounter any error messages, Google allows you to reset and disable offline access through the offline access settings dialog box.)

Disappointingly, I wasn’t able to actually view or edit any of my documents after going offline; I could only view them in the document list and received a Firefox “Offline mode” message when I tried. However, I was able to perform simple operations like renaming and starring them while being offline, which were successfully synchronized once I reconnected.

Oh Google, why do you mess with our heads. Please give us offline access already!